Transmission Sphere

1.Techniacal data sheets

Transmission Spheres

Concave & convex surface testing

Test Optics Scope-Convex

Item NO.DfR1(mm)D0(mm)R2(mm)D1(mm)D2(mm)
TS102065-A/B-XXX4 inch0.6529.5024428.54241
TS102075-A/B-XXX4 inch0.7544.596443.55755.5
TS102100-A/B-XXX4 inch1828268.57570
TS102150-A/B-XXX4 inch1.5127.6494123.58884
TS102330-A/B-XXX4 inch3.3305.48101298.59794.5
TS102710-A/B-XXX4 inch7.1708.24105701101100
TS1021070-A/B-XXX4 inch10.71053.431051049101100

2. Handling charges and any other extra charges
(1)The customer bears the costs of the articles including VAT (order value) including any additional costs. Shipping costs include a transport ????????insurance. The items are shipped through DHL, the Postal Service or in the case of very large packets with a professional forwarder.
(2)Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the packet, the mode of delivery and of course the destination.

3. Approximate weight of the items
4 inch F/3.3 net weight: 1.44KG
4 inch F/0.75 net weight: 1.73KG
60mm F/0.7 net weight: 0.61KG
4. Approximate freight charges
5KG freight: about USD 60
10KG freight: about USD108
5. Will you provide manufacturers Certificate of conformance
Yes, of cause. We provide Certificate of conformance.
6. Kindly fill below compliance with your comments

Technical specsCompliance
Scope:For metrology of test Optics with ≤ 4% to 95% reflectivity
Required diameter of entrance pupil:4 inch (101.6 mm) suitable to standard bayonet mounts4 inch (101.6 mm) 4 inch (101.6 mm) Need the detail size of standard bayonet mount(At present for Zygo)
Required F/# for transmission Spheres :
a) F/0.75;
b) F/1.1;
c) F/1.5;
d) F/1.9;
e) F/2.5;
f) F/3.0;
g) F/4.5;
h) F/12;
a) F/0.75;
f) ours:F/3.3;
Others focal ratio: need a bit long time.
Quantity:F/1.5, F/1.9, F/2.5, F/3.0 –Two numbers each
F/0.75, F/1.1, F/4.5,F/12, & transmission flat- one number each
Surface irregularity or quality of reference surface
:λ/20 (P-V) measured at 632.8 nm wavelength (For F/0.75, F/1.1, F/4.5, F/12, & transmission flat)
:λ/20 (P-V) measured at 632.8 nm wavelength (For F/1.5, F/1.9, F/2.5, and F/3.0):≤6 nm (RMS) At 632.8 nm wavelength

Cosmetic Quality:20/10 60/40
Working Wavelength:632.8 nm
Material of Reference element :Fused Silica or low expansion material
Operating Position:any position of the sphere to the interferometer
Operating temperature : 22°C ± 8°C
Delivery Schedule:3 Months from the date of release of Purchase Ordera) F/0.75; f) F/3.3;
3 Months from the 50% down payment

5 Months from the 50% down payment for other focal ratios.
Warranty : one year from the date of shipment
Should include storage box and certification data of every transmission Sphere
Should include storage box and certification data of every transmission Sphere(rigidly fixed) √
(compatible to Zygo)
Need the detail size of standard bayonet mount
Measurement capability should be compatible to the laser Fizeau interferometer for the measurement of the surface form of spherical optics and assemblies.

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