Inspired By Perfect Vision
Intane optics is a leading manufacture of customized, high precision optics in China. We specialize in client-specific, high quality components,as well as precision instruments and lens assemblies. We can process medium to large size precision aspheres, spheres and flats up to the aperture of 1500mm. We commit to offer our customers high quality products with the competitive price and fast delivery.
Optical Mirror
We can process medium to large size mirrors up to the diameter of 1500mm, especially specializing…[Read more]
Optical Lens
There are two production lines in our lens manufacture department to meet different demands…[Read more]
Precision instruments
We produce a series of different kind of collimators, from reflective to refractive, on-axis to off-axis…[Ream more]
Lens Assembly
We produce several different series of lens assemblies, including transmission sphere, apochromatic …[Read more]
Without Borders.

Along with the whole world becoming a earth village, cooperation become a must, which builds relationships of trust, mutual understanding and benefits.

Cooperation is based on a belief that no one could live a better life without collaboration. It is simply a vision that each participant is an indispensable party to the success.

Intane optics always dedicates to find out the win-win solution for customers and suppliers, and believes that the mutual benefits is the only way to establish a long term partnership.

Transmission Sphere


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Defense and Security

We have many years experience of designing and manufacturing precision optical components, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems for use in rugged military environments. Environmental testing equipments are installed to ensure reliable performance over the product lifecycle. We have extensive facilities for the manufacture of components and assemblies for optical systems, identity credential and other customized solution in defense and security application. such as germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulphide, silicon are processed using our state-of-art equipments.

Optical Design

We have comprehensive, in-house design capabilities including optical, mechanical, electronics and software design.
As our design team works in a manufacturing environment, all potential manufacturing problems are caught at the design stage, and potential cost savings are identified and full system test procedures are established at the same time.

Optical Assembly

We design and manufactures opto-mechanical and opto-electronic modules and sub-systems for a variety of industries. Some fields in which we are particularly active includes medical, industrial and defence applications, though our skills cover almost every industry where precision optics may be required. Highly qualified engineers and technicians work closely with production to enable rapid prototype if needed.